I can’t stop laughing at dorito chin Ene


And it somehow expanded to drawing yaoi feet on her



Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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megido-corpse-party sent: ;^; a reisaru shipper!! -sobs- they deserve so much love!


It’s been awhile since I got a message about that ship but yes! The ship is lovely!

Ahhh here’s something I drew back in September when I was in Calculus. I would always misspell sec x.



Peace out to Maternity Spiral’s anime debut!

Peace out to Maternity Spiral’s anime debut!



Anonymous sent: What is this ''Kagerou Project'' you are always reblogging?

Ok this is pretty hard to explain, but I have google docs on my side, so….

It’s a song series where each music video connects to pieces of a story. The composer uses vocaloid as singers. The story itself is confusing but the general theme is time.

The Medusa of the story, Azami, falls in love with a mortal soldier and they get a half mortal half Medusa child name Shion. Azami knows her loved one will eventually die, so she creates a world where time never progresses. Regardless of the time loop, he dies.

Flash forward to MCA ep 1! Shintaro is your average hikikomori who remains a shut-in for 2 years. One day, his keyboard breaks and he heads to the store to buy a new one. Suddenly terrorists take over the store, leaving everyone and him hostage. Shintaro saves the day with the help of a few hostages who later turn out to be members of this group called mekakushidan.

Yeah this is a basic summary. If you want a more in-depth summary, check out the google docs I linked above.

Can we just-

Can we just-


to my non kagepro followers

1. im sorry for the spam

2. not really

3. get your ass into kagerou project watch mekakucity actors


Nothing can be considered spoiler anymore.

I thought this would be a bad adaptation, but the OP changed my mind.

Well done, SHAFT.

kanos-booty sent: I was looking for blogs that draw/post kagepro THEN I RMEMBER I SAW YOU PIST SOME AND I REALLY LIKE YOU ART ALSO DO YOU SHIP KANOSHIN?????

Yes I ship Kanoshin!!!

And anyone with Shintaro, for that matter ^q^

The idiots, the manager, and Kageyama.

The idiots, the manager, and Kageyama.